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Styling editorial is so different from styling personal/business photoshoot. Styling a personal photoshoot for an artist and creative, takes the task to the nest level.

Daria Koso is an incredible photographer that has a very unique style. She is able to capture beauty of a woman (in my opinion) in such a spicy, sexy, but still a very classy way, that I haven't seen in other portfolios.

I had a pleasure of styling Daria for her own photoshoot. You can see some "behind the scene" on her ig page. We developed a cool concept, as I mentioned earlier, photosession for an artist should reflect an artist style and personality. In Daria's case it can not be some type of look of a business women sitting in a suit, it's just too boring for her. So we created an inspiration and a moodboard and here what we got in the end! Hope you love it, like we do!

Model/photographer: Daria Koso

Styled by me


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