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This is by far one of my favorite editorial. Even though everything was quite last minute and I had fly looks from Paris, Milan, LA and NY just in 2 days, everything worked out so well!!

The team was so talented and we worked together so well as everyone was open to each other suggestions and that what always helps to take it to the next lever.

When I was asked to be the stylist on this project, Daria Koso suggested to have a story with a parachute. I thought it was a very cool idea and started #creativedirection. I've suggested to have all the wardrobe focusing on silver colors, metallic textures and futuristic accessories.

I wanted to create a story of girl from other dimension who just landed on earth.

First I suggested the model that I recently worked on another project. Camila has a very cool edgy look, and she was just perfect for that photoshoot.

Second step was finding unique statement pieces that will translate my vision, and Lada Legina was the only person that came to my mind, as she creates unique #3d printed jewelry and I was so lucky to find exactly what I need.

Shani Gottlieb is the makeup and hair artist we have brainstormed differed makeup ideas, something that will be interesting but not to crazy as the clothes is already extravagant and balance is everything! I've suggested glitter hair like on this pic and Shani created cooler version that I am obsessed with!

Here are finals photos. Hope you like it like I do!

here is the link to original article at GLAMOUR website

And out videographer did BTS video so you can see one of the challenges we didn't anticipate while planning this shoot!


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