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Since I've added blog to my website, I have to show how it really happens =)

A lot of people don't understand how much efforts goes into every fashion photo and that it ALWAYS take a village and NOT ALWAYS goes as planned.

I got a request from Sayidaty magazine based in Arab Emirates to shoot a Miami Editorial. I"ve gathered a team of some of my favorite artists in Miami and started planning. Since I do trend analytics for a lot of fashion brands, I know what is a hot topic to shoot and of course, its important to know what market it's for. When it comes to arabic audience, the style of the shoot should be very sophisticated, not too revealing and have the best of the best when it comes to designer selection.

So I've suggested to create a beautiful blue sky and sparkly, silver, hot Miami winter mood. My idea was to gather mostly silver/shiny/sparkly looks and shoot them with the blue sky and lots of reflections allowing clothes to shiny and give us glorious beams.

So here is the moodboard:

After all team agreed, I started my process of getting the looks. The day was set, perfect location was found and when the day X came.... in the morning the sky was not grey, it was basically white. There was not even a sign of a sun or a light coming through the clouds.

Since my brain is trained to stay positive and never give up, I said we will find the way and will make it happen (deep in my soul still hoping the weather will change, as it happens almost every day in Miami). Not that I had an option to switch dates, as when I work with brands like Chanel, Balenciaga and Dior, I only able to hold the look for 24 hours... So we had to make it happen.

We started with the first look from Zuhair Murad, there was NO natural light, whatsoever... Likely, I did the prop styling as well and that saved the look!

After the first look, started to rain and rain haven't stopped till the end of the day....

we had to incorporate umbrella in the looks to protect MUAH and the looks =)

So afterall, there are the final photos and we made it work as always, but oh boy, it was one of those days!

link to the actual issue is here


Magazine: Sayidaty

Photographer Anna Gunselman

Styling and props: Me

MUAH: Bryin

Model: Melissa

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