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The is always a reason to learn something new and invest in yourself

I am happy to share the knowledge that I got over the years of learning from different sources, working with different clients and professionals. 

I've created two educational courses:


If you would like to learn how to become a SUCCESSFUL wardrobe stylist  - PRO.STYLIST.2.0. the course is what you need. I will share with you information about how this world works, how to create your business model as well as how to work with clients and more. 


It is a style marathon that is great and structured information about body shapes, styling "laws', prints, trends, and much more. It's a great course for every woman and starting up stylists who would like to understand what styling bases, individual features to use it in your daily life. You will learn what clothes work for you and how to create beautiful outfits without stylist help. 

A day spent without learning something is a day wasted

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