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A throwback to the last year when I've styled 2 fashion shows for the Saks Fifth Avenue. I must say, I love to work with Saks team, they are so professional and organized, they have the best clothes to choose from, basically anything a fashion stylist can wish for!

Why I wanted to post about these particular fashion shows? Because it was 2 fashion shows back to back and its was fun! Fun - because I love every project that challenges me.

So in this case, I needed to pull clothed from 2 different stores: Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour and Brickell City Center.

When you pull looks, you always want to be creative and combine different brands and styles together. So imagine, you picking up items in one store, not really knowing what will be in the other location. It might be a challenge as you need to find additional pieces to complete you vision, but I love to challenge my creativity! That's why I say, IT WAS FUN!

Second challenge was that two fashion shows were back to back and one of them was on location and not int he store. When that happens, you can't make a mistake, you need to plan all the looks and sizes to make sure they fit the model that will be on one or another show, plan logistics, staffing and etc. Over the years, I've learned that planning is everything and preparation is the key!

The first thing I did: I called 3 assistants in as I knew I need an experienced stylists who knows what to do, so we can be on time and complete the project successfully!

Meet my supergirls: Vanessa, Sandra and Victoria.

I've collected 3 huge racks with ready to go looks and now I needed girl's help with fittings, organization steaming and everything else a stylist does =)

The first fashion show was taking place at Seaspice restaurant, located on the river with beautiful yachts parked by the terrace! What a beautiful scenery to demonstrate one of the best designs of the season! It was organized by Saks Fifth Avenue together with South Florida Symphony and the -Women's Fund Miami-Dade. So all of this is for great cause!

The following day we were up and early and was preparing a bigger show at Saks, Brickell City Center that was benefiting Little Lighthouse Foundation.

It is one of my favorite fashion shows so far for many reasons such as amazing team. great and models, all the beautiful designed that I've chosen and of course Saks team and their guests! I think we had about 500 people who came to watch the show and that was a true success!

xoxo, Anna


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