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This fashion editorial for Lumiere Magazine was very special.

Every editorial starts with a creative vision and idea. Usually after we develop a concept and starting from there.

This time it the process started backwards, as we happen to visit this beautiful store during one of the Art Basel event. Guess how much is the peacock char on the photo below? Yep, it's 120,000 exactly what we were looking for a luxury and lifestyle magazine like Lumiere.

After all the pre-planning comes the actual shoot day and my main going is being able to translate the vision into complete looks that tells the story. As well a getting the best clothed, shoes and accessories, of course!

Well, this time wasn't exception: my selections were a season must haves #prada and #balenciaga shoes, together with one of a kind #GZ and #JC

As well as this gold dress TRE BY NATALIE RATABESI- that looks like liquid gold.

Another statement piece was the Balenciaga Newspaper Print Pleated Dress that I specifically chosen for this scene.

ENJOY the final result and DO NOT SIT ON A FURNITURE!

#photographer Olga Miljko

#Stylist Anna Ruiz

#stylistassistant Vanessa Mariah

#model Paola Vargas

#agency The Syndical

#hair Carolina Bethel

#makeup Amanda Robinson


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