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Are you ready to make a statement?


 Strong fashion style is what you want to be noticed for? That must be one of the most common request I’m being receiving.

I’m sure you want to look good every single day, but occasionally there are those times in your life or special occasions when you really need to up your game!

There are so many occasions that are so important in life and you want to make sure you have that striking and memorable look! Just think about your own wedding, big corporate event, interview, anniversary.. I can go on an on! But if you need help in creating an amazing and perfect for occasion look or just to make it easier for yourself? Let me help you.



Very similar to personal shopping, but there we shop for a season or for so much needed items in your wardrobe, while in this case

I will help you to find the right outfit for the right occasion according to your budget! It might be overwhelming if you do it by yourself, but I will make sure you can actually enjoy it and will take some stress away.

If you need my help to build the look from your own wardrobe, please refer to Online Styling for Event

Duration: 2-3 hours

1 look

Price: $800 and up

 I have so many happy clients who can say that it's so much worth it!

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