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Recently I've been getting so many inquires from different women & men who aspire to be a wardrobe stylist. There are so many things that I've learned along the way I've decided to share with you on what to expect and how to prepare yourself for this industry. Here are some of the things you should be ready; and trust me I've been through all of it!

If you want to be a stylist YOU SHOULD:

  • WORK FOR FREE A LOT!!!! Whether you are assisting or doing styling on your own, you have to build your name first.

  • Be able to deal with all kind of people and find a solution to almost every problem. Because everyday you will be working with different clients and a good first impression is key.

  • Be able to carry enormous amounts of bags all day every day. You're going to get some muscles! You have no car – do it however you want... but do it- no excuses.

  • At any time of the day or night make the impossible possible. If the client needs that Gucci dress for shooting, or you have to come up with 30 winter looks for a last minute for a campaign in the middle of summer in Miami. You have to figure out where you are going to find 30 fur coats – it's your problem. #justdoit

  • Be prepared to touch people that you see for the first time or fix their underwear to make sure that photo comes outs perfect. Oh! And don’t forget helping to put shoes on or assist your client in the fitting room while shopping session. Don't be shy.

  • Wake up at 3-4 am, work 20 hours on set, come back home to unpack and do it again the next day.

  • Negotiate your rates and answer emails 24/7.

  • Know how to work with every budget and know what almost every store currently has.

  • Be ready to build relationships with different stores and be able to return clothes at stores like Zara 3 times a week.

  • Create content, TikToks, trainings and do presentations for projects.

  • Learn to edit applications for photos and videos.

Overall yes it is a lot of work, but if you can remember these tips, you will be successful. Just remember at the end of the day you should:

☑️ Be a tactful person.

☑️ Be able to communicate with everyone under any circumstances, regardless of your mood.

☑️ Take responsibility for your actions, and do not blame someone for something you don’t know,

didn’t find, didn’t do, or “just” forgot the steamer for shooting.

☑️ Always Google the answer before asking the question.

☑️ Be a psychologist first, understand and read people.

☑️ Take Non-stop training, new courses, classes, other professi9onals – you can't stop better yourself.

☑️ Learn fashion trends, how they work and keep up with them at all the times.


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