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Marie-Lou Nahhas: Life's experiences have prompted me to do what I love and stick to my destiny

The dress from Zuhair Murad and earrings from APM Monaco Coordination: Anna Ruiz Photography: Mohamad Seif A social activist in women's rights and health fields, she loves art and acting, despite her studies in the field of health. At first, she hesitated to choose acting as her profession, but life experiences prompted her to practice what she loves and stick to her destiny. She is the Lebanese-American actress, Marie-Lou Nahhas, who starred in the series Orange is the New Black . Get to know her through this exclusive and exciting interview: We know you studied health care, before you got into acting. How did you approach the two areas? Why did you choose this paradigm shift? When I knew I wanted to act, I started learning and constantly working on improving my performance at the same time as I was completing my graduate studies in the field of health. I entered the field of health at a time when art was not focused on in school and in the social environment. I brought the two fields closer now that I am an actress and social activist in the fields of health and women's rights. Why did you not choose the world of acting from the beginning? In the present society, it is difficult to make the decision to act as a profession that secures stability, so I hesitated at first, but life experiences prompted me to practice what I love and adhere to my destiny. Shine your star in Orange is the New Black . Tell us about the experience. What has changed in your life after this work? Working with the team for 6 months was a special experience, the script was writing each episode separately, and I found a kind of freedom and suspense in the artistic experience. Despite the appearance of the character in the last season, its fateful story had different dimensions and left a humane stamp on the audience of the series. Through the success of this work and playing an acting role in an international series, I have a global audience and contributed to giving future opportunities to Arab women in Hollywood.

Dress Silvia Tcherassi bracelet Viviane Guenoun What is the saying that increases your enthusiasm and gives you hope? “Do not sit with half-lovers, do not make friends with half-friends, do not read for half-talented people, do not live half a life, do not die half death, do not choose half a solution, do not stand in the middle of the truth, do not dream half a dream, do not relate to half hope, if you remain silent. be silent to the end, and if you speak...speak to the end, do not be silent in order to speak, and do not speak in order to be silent" - Gibran Khalil Gibran. You participated in the Miss Lebanon competition in 2012. Tell us about this experience and what it added to your career? The Miss Lebanon contest was my first experience in the field of television, and through this experience, the spotlight was shed on me and I learned the techniques that take place behind the scenes from long preparations and times. Since then, I decided to pursue my passion for acting, both on stage and on television. They often say that beauty pageants are breaking into the acting world. What is your response to these comments? Self-confidence and beauty have a certain importance, but acting is a talent that requires a lot of depth and daily practice away from and in front of the camera. So I believe that the actor has to lose control of his beautiful features in order to embody another character who is not always beautiful.

Dress of Silvia Tcherassi and a decade of Viviane Guenoun Social media is a key to any star or star, but it can also harm him. Describe your activity on it and how would you evaluate it? I use social media to communicate with my fans and inform them of my future developments. Have you faced the challenges of being Arab in the Western world? It is not without it. What was the opinion of your parents about your decision to dive into the world of acting? At first I wanted to complete my studies in medicine but when my success began to appear to be a and B_jiei.

Dress Zuhair Murad What would you say to people who want to get into acting, especially young Arab women? The art path is one of the most mysterious ways. They approached her with longing and ventured even in the face of difficulties. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, do not give up your principles and yourselves. If you hadn't become an actress, you would... and why? A fashion designer, since a very young age I used to choose my clothes and I always loved handicrafts, especially with fabric. What obstacles have you encountered in this field? Do you regret your acting career? The roles that were presented to me were limited and in most cases did not express the true image of Arab women. There is no room for regret, in my opinion, my presence with producers and writers may support openness to our culture and the desire to learn and produce joint works to learn about the cultures and civilizations of others.

A letter to Marie Claire Arab readers. Love and beauty are one thing and our life on this earth is short, so we have to live it with love to see beauty in everything that surrounds us and every experience we live. What are your future plans? A short time ago, I built a team of innovators in artistic fields from various countries and we are preparing to produce our own projects soon. Read also: Reem Khoury is a self-made woman whose limits are the sky Tags: Marie-Lou Nahhas #BTS


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