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Lately, I’ve had an increase of male clients come to me for a closet upgrade. I was surprised to find out they did not own any pocket squares. A pocket square, in my opinion should be in every man's closet just like a suite and tie. You may be a bit lost and ask yourself...what is a pocket square?

A pocket square is a small cloth that fits in the breast pocket of a jacket or blazer, providing a stylish hint of prints or color to increase visual appeal. It is a subtle and inexpensive way to upgrade your outfit from boring to fashionable. After taking a survey of “Why men do not wear pocket squares?” the top answer from my viewers was, “I do not know how to incorporate or style it."

Fear not, I have 3 easy to follow tips that will take your blazer from boring to brilliant!

#1:Don’t be matchy-matchy

Choose a secondary color from your short or tie as the primary color for your pocket square. For example, if your shirt is light blue and your tie is red, you’ll want to choose a pocket square that has hints of red and slight hints of blue in the print.

If you’re going to choose two solid colors for your tie and your pocket square make sure the shades are lighter and darker. You don’t want to overly match because it can come across as cheesy.

#2: There is such a thing as too much

Don’t overdo patterns, ensure some articles of clothing are flat colors which accentuate the colors in your pocket square or tie. Don’t match a loud paisley square with a pinstripe suite, instead check out the example below to give you a nice way of pairing.

#3: Dress for the occasion

Match your fold to the occasion. For formal occasions stick to the flat fold or one or two point folds, for more casual occasions use some more flair with a classic puff fold.

Final thoughts

When you want to add a hint of style, a pocket square is a classy way to liven up your jacket look. Try it out and tag me @annaruiz.mia or book a consultation with me and I will be happy to show how to look sharp!


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