Quarantine came unexpectedly for everyone and took over the control of our lives in a blink of an eye. The projects I had were put on hold so as for all the creatives around the world.

After being at home for over 2 month, the eager to create something took over! I've heard a lot about #facetimephotosessions and even styled a few of my personal clients. But as they say, you don't really know until you try. So I did it!

What I have learned is that it's more about having fun and boosting your confidence. The photos done on you phone without any professional light or props... so I wasn't expecting anything special, but was caught by a surprise when I received my photos. I LOVED THEM!

I must admit, facetime photoshoot is more comfortable as you do it at home and 99% of its success depends on the photograper. During my session, she was directing me, helping me to pose, get closer to the phone and etc... But the comfort of your home and knowing that no one is watching definitely helped my to relax and enjoy!

I'm posting these photos here and hope that it may inspire some of you to try! IT WAS FUN!

Here are my favorite photos from my face time photo-session at home and some ideas for you!

Let me know, if you want me to help you to put together a great and stylish look for your facetime photosession! Send me a message, I will be happy to help you!

xoxo, Anna

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