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It’s no secret that we are all ready for Summer 2021; it’s a time to hit refresh and embrace the sun & be outside after months of being stuck indoors. Now is the time to break down the latest trends of 2021 and mark which are for you. Today’s trend focus is sunglasses. Sunglasses are perhaps the most essential summer accessory, especially here in Miami. By, you’ve probably found your niche in what shapes and styles suit your face shape. Below I've selected 4 styles for different face shapes to add to your cart for your summer wardrobe. This season, designers gave most of the beloved, timeless eyewear silhouettes the update we never knew they needed.

1. Mood-boosting Rectangles-The rectangle shape in 2021 has had a ton of momentum. These rectangle sunglasses with a bright-colored, acetate frame are a must-have this summer! From a smoky orange to olive green, these colors are an instant uplift.

2. Le Sport- This Summer we saw a massive increase in the sportswear trend, particularly tennis-inspired outfits. But it doensn't stop there. In 2021 by opting for a sportier frame with a sleek, performance aesthetic your no doubt going to be turning heads on the beach or at the pool.

3.The Angular Cat-Eye- The cat-eye is undoubtedly a shape that will never go out of style when it comes to sunnies. This season, the cat-eye got a modern update by narrowing the lenses to create a more dynamic, angular look.

4. Tinted Aviator - Another classic shape, aviators are here to stay this season. Designers added the perfect update to this staple by adding a subtle colored lens.

I would love to see you how you style these looks. Please share and tag me @annaruiz.mia for a change to be featured on my page!


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