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Ready for a new Look?


Did you know that most people only use 40% of their wardrobe?

My Style Session is designed to assist you in maximizing your wardrobe by mixing and matching your current apparel items and accessories to create new outfits you did not know you had.  You will also learn what looks and trends work for you and why.

The session is designed to create outfit options for a desired part of your life. 

Let's say you were promoted to a Director role and don't know how to dress while in new position. 

Or perhaps you need more options to dress for the dates or going on vacation.

The reasons might be different, but Anna will help you in 2-3 hours to find the solutions you need. 

She has helped hundreds of women and will help you. 




Photographs of your newly-styled outfits are also taken during the session to create a personal Lookbook.   This will ensure you don’t forget a single look.  This is a 2 or 3-hour session in the privacy of your own home.


2 weeks of ongoing support. You can reach out to me by text or email with styling questions. I will help you to reach your style goals! Clothes are created to bring you happiness, comfort, and beauty n your everyday life.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Location: your home

Price: $800

This investment will make your life easier and will make your daily process of choosing outfits much less stressful.

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