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Hiring Anna Ruiz was the BEST decision. Period.

It will change your life. Sounds illogical but I am very serious.

Here’s my personal experience. I have struggled with bringing my image and wardrobe to a level I felt it should be or could be.

I struggled with shopping and choosing clothes that maximized my budget, while being modern, well fitted and stylish so I typically avoided shopping altogether. I avoided dating. I didn’t feel my most confident self. Because of this, I often wore the same tank top and jeans every day.

I avoided socializing much because I knew I would have “nothing to wear” problem or felt like I looked unflattering in my clothes. You’d think this is just a superficial issue and not a psychological one. But you’d be surprised how much your self image affects your daily life and your career.

I found Anna online in a Google search and read every word on her website and looked at her every post, video, and story on Instagram before reaching out. After our phone consultation, I knew she was the right person to help me.

I chose the shopping day. I didn’t do the closet detox simply because I truly didn’t have a lot of things in closet. Like a nearly empty closet. So we started fresh. If you have a regular filled closet, then I do recommend closet detox along with shopping day.

Anna showed up on time for our appointment and off we went. I told her I trusted her and let her pick everything. And boy did she! I got a full wardrobe in my budget. My budget was realistic but on the lower side. She works with all types of budgets. At first, seeing the selections and trying everything was difficult, not going to lie. Change is difficult. Trust is difficult. Like I said, you don’t realize how much you need this service until you get it.

She is not just going to have you buy a bunch of stuff. She creates looks and chooses items and pieces that work together and more important teaches you how to put it all together and how to make it flattering for your body.

I cried the first night because I was so unsure I could pull off my new look. It was out my comfort zone. But Anna guided me along, encouraging me to just try it. I hired her for a reason. So I tried the outfits. Well, every day since then, I receive COMPLIMENTS every single day by friends and STRANGERS on my look. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s been about two weeks. I haven’t had to repeat an outfit yet.

People stop me EVERYWHERE I go to compliment my outfit. Compliment my look. It’s wild. I feel so much more confident and fresh now. I started doing better in my job. I’m getting asked out on dates and it’s only been two weeks. Look, I’m just a normal woman. I’m not fashionista. I’m not rich (yet) lol.

This is a necessity for every human, male or female, and any age. If your teenager suffers from self esteem problem. This will help and save years. If you are like me, adult woman who wanted to look and feel her best, this is for you. If you feel like you wish you dressed better, or wished you looked more polished and well put together, if you waste money buying clothes that actually don’t work for you and sit in the closet with tags on or only wear once, if you avoid shopping like I did because you didn’t know what to buy, if you want to be taken serious by colleagues, clients, friends, dating and love prospects, you have to feel your best and dress appropriately for the occasion and body type...dress in a way that most flatters you and brings out your own personality.

If you want these things, don’t hesitate anymore. Book Anna ASAP. I am 100% convinced you will be more than happy with the results. It is worth it. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you, Anna. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

J. Quinones


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